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We are a Uttarakhand based Research and Development Lab with the aim of creating a better, sustainable tomorrow by developing new and reliable technology and providing innovative solutions to everyday problems. Not only within more advanced and techno-centric environments but the team seek to penetrate every segment of the society and help it grow and flourish. Our former work in the area of providing recreation labs for an innovative research project to students and clients is now divided into six verticals. We help individuals and organizations with our renewed and improved innovations to be in relevance within the business and up to date with the times.


‘Friendly, Portable and Affordable Technology’ Sunfox technologies was started by a group of like-minded individuals who are striving to create a techno-friendly, portable and affordable future. The vision of developing a better India can only be fulfilled with new and reliable technology, created by the fresh approach to world problems.

Think Tank

The Think Tank Team is a group of unconventional thinkers, who are passionate about inventions and believe in solving everyday problems by automation and innovation. They look at the world from a tilted perspective, and focus on solutions and create coherence between society and technology.


We are open to sharing our work experiences and consultation for any Research-based projects. Open Innovation services are mainly for industrial and academic research and innovation solutions.

Why Choose Us

Our team works with a multidimensional approach in Numerical, analytical, software-based research technique and appropriate methodology for both academic and commercial research. We are committed to the purpose of creating innovative, user-friendly products and resources. We are eager to be able to help provide technical support and solutions to individuals/organizations looking for a reliable team that may guide you with a creative strategy to place your product in the market. We help in developing the idea all the way up to its fruition and transforming your ideas into a reality. We are committed to save mother earth and work as a catalyst between you and sustainable technology.

We believe in delivering a range of unique products and gadgets in every sector of engineering and sciences
Turn your vision and ideas into reality with the help of our team. We always combine our previous experiences, learning curves, industry knowledge and passion for innovation with tailored strategy – for proven results.
e are one of the most user-friendly team around, making sure we find effective solutions to problems, support the branding effectively and achieving your personal objectives aligning it with the objectives of the team. We have a global vision, but a small-scale sensitivity that helps us in understanding our customers better.
We pride ourselves about our customer service Questions, concerns, or comments can be answered immediately, anytime, anywhere all through the project and even after it. We believe in building trusted relations with our customers and not a one-time communication scheme.

Area of Interest

Sunfox’s extensive experience, profound expertise, and deep knowledge in medical, Internet of Things (IoT), and industrial products market provide the meaningful insights that you need to create innovative products.


Our team of experts are working to create affordable and smart medical equipment.


Our far-reaching exposure to working on numerous product and device types—can help you navigate the design, engineering, manufacturing, and regulatory challenges associated with scientific product development.


We expertise in the Internet of Things and creating Interface between Virtual and Physical Mechanisms.

R&D lab at Sunfox is working in: Bio-Medical technology and engineering to solve medical and biological problems and creating an affordable infrastructure for our country is the main goal of our team. Our flagship product- “SPANDAN” is the world’s smallest and cheapest ECG intended to enter and revolutionize the medical industry.

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